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Online Car Loan Simulation: Cheap Auto Loan


The purchase of a new or used car requires substantial financing via a credit that many consumers can not afford at one time, even by drawing on their savings. And yet, having a four-wheeled vehicle to crisscross the roads is a personal project that involves more than one. However, the auto loan can fund this type of project completely, without any personal contribution, because it was designed for this purpose.

What is the car loan?

What is the car loan?

The auto loan, car loan or auto financing is a credit formula offered by most banks, whether in branches or online banks. Its purpose is the purchase of a vehicle on credit. This financial loan will provide the individual the funds he needs to acquire an automobile, the optimal credit solution. Note that this is an assigned credit intended for the purchase of a vehicle to the exclusion of any other good or service. In other words, it should only be used to finance an automobile. If the delivery does not take place, the credit can be canceled. Like consumer credit, it is rather easy to obtain. In addition, obtaining the auto loan must go through a few steps, namely, research, comparative offers, simulation and underwriting. We will see one by one how to proceed with each step.

The procedure to follow to obtain automobile financing

The main approach is to look for the loan in question. Since the proposals differ from one banner to another, a comparison of the offers is essential. The differences between the overall effective rates of up to 2 to 3% for the same funding, it is highly recommended to treat the selection of your car loan.

Compare Offers Through the Online Credit Comparator

In just a few clicks, the auto credit comparator makes it possible to compare the offers of the market for free and quickly. The goal is to find the cheapest with the best conditions, the comparator saves money on his credit car. Easy to use, the credit comparator transmits information related to your project to its partners. The latter will then, you establish their respective proposal. All you have to do is choose. In fact, a cheap car loan is a credit whose rate is relatively low. In repaying a loan, interest rates are added to the monthly payments, which often inflates the note. With a low interest rate loan, the total cost will be less significant.

Simulate your car loan

Opting for auto financing in particular is a wise choice. By providing more details on the type of acquisition, the loan amount and the duration of the loan, the simulation tool will give you a first approach to your future loan. Preferably, use a specific simulator designed for auto loans, since the proposed terms are in line with market standards, ie, 7 years maximum. The same is true for the maximum amount allowed, which is equal to $ 60,000.

Subscription opportunities

During the subscription phase, you have three options. The first refers to the traditional practice where you have to go to the office of the organization with the requested files. The second type of subscription is done online via the web, that is to say, on credit platforms. The third possibility is made from a phone call on a dedicated line. Thus, you are free to choose the process that suits you best. In any case, the online subscription is the most requested by its practical side.


Recall that a subscription does not mean that the loan is already granted, it is rather the equivalent of a request. After a review of your file, the bank will give an answer in principle as soon as possible, even in the same day if your profile is convincing. To better supervise the borrower, a counselor can help you for follow-up and personalized support throughout the loan, and even before. Then, the subscription terms are relatively simple.


Always bear in mind that a credit is a commitment. It is therefore important to review your financial capabilities before subscribing. If possible, it is better to postpone the purchase rather than getting into more debt to save a little side, so to build a personal contribution. For its part, the bank will analyze your file based on the supporting documents provided such as credits in progress, payroll, etc. If you decide to submit the auto loan application to your current bank, it is probably better placed to know your budget management. Therefore, if you decide to change banks, you will have to be solvent to unlock the funds.


The different types of auto loan

The different types of auto loan


  • New car credit

By signing a classic car loan, you have two options. First there is the formula “new car credit”. As the name suggests, it allows you to finance the purchase of a new car. Some banks offer this loan on the same terms and rates as younger used vehicles, especially those under 2 years of age or under 3 years of age at most. It has the advantage of being more profitable with its lower interest rate than a used car loan. In general, you can lend between 2500 and 5000 $ for a period ranging from 1 to 5 years. In any case, it turns out that new auto credit is more interesting than used car credit in the context of a simulation.


  • Used car credit

It must be recognized that a used car is cheaper than a new car straight out of the car dealership. Despite this, it represents a huge investment. As a result, used car credit was created. Admittedly, the granting of such a loan represents risks for lenders, both in terms of breaks and breakdowns. In fact, they apply high interest rates of 1.5 to 2 times higher. For an affected loan of this kind, it is available from 1500 USD, especially for the acquisition of a used vehicle. However, it would take more for a new car.


  • The personal auto loan

Drivers who aim high end will not hesitate to look for other ways of financing. The personal auto loan is an alternative to these two options. As a consumer loan, it offers great flexibility in its use hence the possibility of financing this specific purchase. Otherwise, with a larger personal contribution, you could lower the amount to borrow, and therefore, you get a little less debt.

  • The concessionary loan

In addition to financial corporations and banks, car dealerships themselves are among the categories of lenders. By borrowing from these representatives, you will be able to subscribe the credit while signing the contract of sale of the vehicle. Most of the time, these loans are integrated in a “pack” with other services in supplement of which the insurance of the vehicle, the assistance assistance, the extension of guarantee or the subscription maintenance. An undeniable practical advantage. However, making a dealer loan is much more expensive than a car loan.

  • The balloon credit

Rarely requested, the balloon credit corresponds to the situation in which the vehicle is acquired in long-term lease or rental with option purchase. It is sort of a loan in fine whose repayment is to be made in full when the end of the term. This credit is not depreciable over time as for a conventional car loan. It is usually offered by banks and car dealerships.

Why provide auto financing?

As one is never safe from unpleasant surprises, the car loan is subject to an insurance borrower, also called auto loan insurance. It is subject to common protection for both parties, that is, the borrower and the lending institution. Like the principle of any credit insurance, it can protect you against the various risks preventing the continuation of the repayment of deadlines. Risks that may result in disability, loss of employment or death. Specifically, an auto loan insurance can prevent the borrower from being seized the vehicle financed in return for the payment of premiums.

The principle of auto credit insurance

If the insurer assumes the capital due to the financed organization that granted the loan, the bank, for its part, has the guarantee of recovering all the capital lent, even if the insured is no longer able to pay the remaining deadlines. Even though insurance is not mandatory, it is safer to buy insurance to compensate for life incidents. Banks tend to offer their insurance, but you are free to choose another company.

Mortgage loan from EU country

A mortgage loan allows you to buy an apartment or house. Mortgages are provided by banks, credit unions and other credit institutions, and often the real estate itself serves as collateral for the loan.

In the case of a mortgage loan, the interest rate is generally lower and the repayment period longer than in the case of a consumer loan. However, if you fail to meet your repayment obligations and the mortgage collateral is on the property itself, the lending institution may seize and auction the property.

Banks are free to decide whether or not to accept your mortgage loan application. Before a mortgage lender offers you a mortgage, you need to check your creditworthiness.

Whether your financial situation allows you to borrow

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In principle, you have the right to borrow a mortgage from a financial institution domiciled in another EU country. However, it cannot be ruled out that the lending institution will consider your country of residence or place of work when considering your application.

Therefore, you should be aware of the criteria that the lending institution will use to assess your creditworthiness. It is advisable to carefully study and compare the mortgage loan schemes offered by different lending institutions.

Creditworthiness test

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Before offering you a loan, the lending institution should check whether you are creditworthy. You will decide this primarily based on the following criteria:

  • your financial situation (assets, debts, etc.),
  • the value of the property you intend to mortgage.

Therefore, the bank will ask you for a proof of income, since your income is decisive in determining whether you will be able to repay your loan.

The financial institution can offer you a mortgage only if you are able to repay the loan based on the results of the investigation.

If you believe that you have been discriminated against solely on the basis of your nationality, you can do the following: Contact the lending institution (its complaint department) or ask the bank for a written explanation as to why you rejected the mortgage application; if the refusal is based solely on your nationality, you should consult the FIN-NET financial dispute resolution network for out-of-court settlement of cross-border disputes between consumers and financial services providers (eg banks).

The Single European Data Sheet shall contain the following information:

  • the amount of the loan;
  • maturity of the loan;
  • the type of interest rate;
  • the total amount to be reimbursed;
  • Total Borrowing Rate (APR): Displays the total cost of borrowing with a single number. The total cost of the loan is expressed as a percentage of the loan amount to be repaid annually. THM helps you compare different offers;
  • any charges payable on a regular or ad-hoc basis;
  • the number, frequency and extent of the installments;
  • information on the terms of the prepayment and the fees you will have to pay if you decide to repay the loan earlier than agreed;
  • if you are borrowing in a foreign currency: Here are some examples of how the exchange rate can affect your mortgage loan.

The single European datasheet also allows you to compare offers from different lenders and choose the one that suits you best. If the creditor has not provided you with the Single European Data Sheet, you have the right to ask for it.

Under EU rules, the lending institution or credit intermediary must give you at least 7 days to evaluate the offer. In some EU countries, the law provides for a longer period. Depending on where you apply for the loan, this period can be: a reflection period during which you can consider whether the offer is right for you; withdrawal period within which you can change your mind and cancel a loan agreement that you have already signed; a combination of the two.

Early repayment of the mortgage loan

Early repayment of the mortgage loan

You generally have the option to repay all or part of your borrowed loan before the contractual repayment deadline. Early repayment allows you to reduce the amount of interest payable or to enter into a new, more favorable mortgage agreement with another credit institution. The law of each country governs whether or not a lender will be able to claim compensation if you repay the mortgage earlier than specified in the agreement. However, the compensation payable shall in no case exceed the financial loss of the lender from the early repayment.

Mortgage insurance, other services

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Mortgage insurance can come in handy if you are faced with circumstances that prevent you from paying off your debt, such as death, illness or job loss. Lending institutions may require you to take out mortgage insurance. Sometimes the lender will offer you insurance along with the mortgage agreement, but you may not make use of the latter as a prerequisite for the contract. In any case, you have the right to choose from offers from other insurers – but wherever you take out insurance, the insurance coverage must be equivalent to what the lender requires. However, the lender may make it a condition for you to open a checking or savings account with which you will need to transfer the installments.


Auto loan: your loan online to buy your car

Do you need to buy a new car? Depending on the car model chosen, the price may rise quickly, and maybe you do not have the full amount immediately. Do you need financing to make this important purchase? Discover the different Good Finance car loans: new car loans, or second hand. These personal loans allow you to finance the purchase of any type of vehicles.

Used Good Finance car loans

Used Good Finance car loans

When buying a used car, like a new car, the used car loan granted by Good Finance is a personal loan. The Domoprêt personal loan enables you to finance the project that suits you, from $ 1,500 to $ 75,000. The auto credit simulator, available free on the site allows you to test all the scenarios you want. Choose the amount and duration of your loan, between 12 and 72 months, to know the APR associated.

Good Finance New Car Loan

Good Finance New Car Loan

Buying a new car is more expensive. You need more funding. With or without a personal contribution, discover the new Good Finance auto loan. This financing solution allows you to buy any type of vehicle: electric car, hybrid, city car, or classic car!

Like the Auto loan, the GF personal loan allows you to borrow from $ 1,500 to $ 75,000, for a maximum of 72 months.

How to benefit from the Good Finance car loan?

How to benefit from the Good Finance car loan?

Make a loan simulation to know your monthly payments , the credit term that suits you best, and the total cost of your credit. Then go online in a few clicks on the secure area of ​​the Good Finance site. Include with your subscription the contract and the supporting documents requested. A reply of principle is given to you immediately. The process is easy and fast. You have a withdrawal period of 14 days if you change your mind. This period can be reduced to 7 days (1) if you wish to benefit from the funds more quickly. You now have all the information you need to make the right choice. Do not hesitate and make an online simulation to find out which amounts, duration and interest rates are the most profitable for you.

(1) Release of the funds after final agreement of Good Finance, at the end of the withdrawal period of 14 days, which can be reduced to 8 days at your request.


Used Car Buying – Freedom of Movement Anywhere – Car Loans

Spring and summer are the times when you realize that you have been sitting at home long enough – to go out, see new places or visit old friends or relatives. Nowadays, bicycles are an increasingly popular mode of transportation in cities, but holidays are the time when you want to go for a natural breastfeeding and the most convenient way to do this is by car. The machine gives you freedom of movement and access anywhere, anytime.

If buying a used car is just about to happen, here are a few things to look for when looking for your new and trusted friend. The places to search for a car are different. You can search for it on internet classifieds sites like cash loan, at car dealerships or even in used car dealerships. If you are not confident about your car’s technical know-how, don’t be ashamed to look for help from family and friends as this purchase is important and not cheap. However, there are a couple of things that need to be considered right from the start.

Buying a used car gives you freedom of movement.

car loan

As you have watched a used car that you find interesting, check the number plate immediately on the eLHGD portal, which will display both technical inspection data, annual mileage, average fuel consumption and other data. If the advertisement contains the car’s DAN number, it is also possible to check the car’s origin and history, if it was not first registered in Latvia, on portals like AutoDNA.

What is a Used Car Dealer?

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The 21st Century provides ample opportunity to find out about individuals and companies selling cars. You can check out the seller’s Facebook profile, which he deals with, whether selling cars is not his daily routine, or if you don’t have any friends in common to ask about this person and his goodness. This is, of course, subjective, but no less important.

Service history for used car.

It does not matter whether the machine is first registered in Latvia or elsewhere. If it is regularly maintained and taken to an authorized service center, information about all repairs will be retained, which will also tell you more about the machine and its past. If regular maintenance is performed by authorized service personnel, the machine is less likely to have a hidden malfunction or poor quality repair.

Thorough visual inspection of a used car.

car loan

Carefully inspect the machine from the outside as well as from the inside. Pay attention to the bodywork whether the color is homogeneous, or if any part is changed or repainted, which could indicate that the machine is crashing. For machines under the age of 10, rust is a bad sign. This indicates that the machine has not been properly maintained. If the car has relatively low mileage but the cabin areas (steering wheel, gearbox handle, seats and pedals) are noticeably worn, this may indicate that the mileage is misleading. At first glance, it is also advisable to look under the hood for any oil leaks or other immediately visible defects.

Test drive.

When starting the machine, check that all the panel lights are on and that there are no warning signals or errors. Test the steering and gearbox, and listen to the car while driDANg, or not. If possible, try to drive down an uneven road to test the suspension and develop the maximum allowed speed to know how the car behaves when picking up and holding.

Service inspection.

The cost of this test is around 50-100 euros for a machine that is around 10 years old. This money should not be spared as the machine diagnostics will help you to find out more in depth whether it is in order and safe to buy. If the car salesman refuses such an opportunity, then obviously he is hiding something. An honest seller will not oppose the check.

No matter how careful you are when buying a used car, it must always be remembered that it is more or less a game of luck. Even its seller may not be aware of any problems that will only follow and arise for the next host. This is not a cheap purchase, which also often takes quick loans, so all aspects need to be considered. You can apply for a credit here. Have a successful quest!