Are you having a wedding? tips on how to get ready financially!

Your wedding is certainly one of the most defining events of your life. Prepare for an intimate wedding, a small wedding, or a wedding in a country of the Seventh, and in either case, you should make an accurate budget and streamline your spending. With smart planning, you can save a lot on the big day and set it aside for a wonderful honeymoon!

However, if you are unable to keep your planned budget in full, you can benefit from a well-tailored, personalized personal loan plan, so you may want to calculate it eventually. Read on to find out how you can save hundreds of thousands on your wedding with relatively little compromise.

The word “wedding” multiplies prices

You must have already experienced that everything that qualifies as a wedding service, accessories, accessory will sell at a multiple price. It is important to be aware of it, it is worth choosing the simplest of all.

Forget the gold-priced wedding-specific cosmetic treatment, the expensive makeup packages available from 0 to 24 hours: you won’t be able to refresh your makeup in the high season 2-3 times during the big day, or you can do it yourself .

Can your wallet carry the wedding dress of your dreams?

Can your wallet carry the wedding dress of your dreams?

Continuing with the previous line of thought, we also note that you do not always have to choose the most expensive outfit. You can make really beautiful and unique pieces with a seamstress bypassing the high-priced salons, and you can have a fully personalized wedding dress for a fraction of designer dresses.

You should consider whether you are buying at all or satisfied with renting, as you should keep in mind the clothes of your dreams, which can be problematic if you can barely fit in your closet. Why spend a lot of money on something that gets dusted in the basement or attic after a while?

Think carefully about your wedding guest list!

Understandably, you want to share the most beautiful moments of your wedding with the most important guests you care about, but if cost effectiveness is important, you have to draw that line. Count the amount of money you can save by reducing the guest list by 5-10 people: you can save tens of thousands of dollars and recycle it (richer dress, bigger wedding cake, better band, etc.). Try to resist the temptation and the pressure. Indeed, only invite those with whom you have a relationship of trust that justifies their invitation.

You don’t always have goose liver in your wedding menu!

You don

Believe it or not, according to experts, the quality of the food is more important than the specialty of the dishes. Experience has shown that a host of guests remember good tastes and overall impressions, not the specific wedding menu. Therefore, if you do not mind, choose the traditional Hungarian cuisine, which is proportionally available at the best price. If you choose the cuisine and specialties of other nations, be prepared for the price of the wedding menu to increase by thousands of forints. Consideration should also be given to a buffet or meal service.

The latter is much more expensive, since around 10 tables per table. The service providers count on two waiters, and their remuneration significantly increases the price of a given wedding catering package. The buffet, on the other hand, can be creatively decorated with your own hands, cost-effectively, and guests can move a little between meals. In addition, they can mingle and get to know each other better, resulting in a more relaxed atmosphere.