Good Finance Opinions and review of an EXPERT

Good Finance Opinions and review of an EXPERT

Thanks to the evolution of technology and the Internet in recent years, the financial sector has also benefited, since through financial platforms they can operate a large loan application quickly and easily, this being the most suitable option . An international page that was originally created in Finland, but thanks to the growth, it was expanding in South and North America, Europe and Asia.

What is Good Finance? How does it work?


The company is an online platform that provides international services in the financial field. It specializes in fully automated banking processes, offers credit approvals instantly with security, transmitting total confidence to the user.

These websites allow individuals to apply for credits or loans online from € 25 to € 5,000. While in the case of companies, they have the possibility to enjoy various options and financial solutions with ease of terms between approximately 6 months and 12 months.

It is one of the leading companies in Europe in terms of online loans to consumers and some medium-sized companies, it does not have any physical branch since its operation is mainly a mobile bank. It works 24 hours a day, seven days a week through its website, mail or live video chat. Opening an account in it only takes a few minutes, since no documentation is required. Through this you can manage accounts, request flexible credits, synchronize SureCard type credit cards and also, allow you to send money to accounts of clients and non-clients.

Credit products offered by Good Finance


It provides its customers with the best interface in terms of loans and banking processes in general through its mobile application and website, the responses of the processes are almost immediate.

Next, know what credit products you offer to your customers:

  • Microloans: this financial service has been available since 2005, it is fast and reliable access for those users who require access to small amounts of cash from € 25 to € 1,000 with terms from 7 to 90 days. This credit option can be managed from the application or website with complete peace of mind.
  • Plus Loans: mainly available to those customers who have a history of money reimbursement rated as positive. This product offers the opportunity to acquire a higher amount of cash, compared to the previous product, the amount ranges between € 300 and € 5,000. The expiration period corresponds to 24 and 36 months respectively.
  • Credit Limit: it came out in 2013, so far it is one of the most prominent and important products in the group thanks to the flexibility that characterizes it. With this product users can withdraw, reimburse and redesign the amounts of money but within the maximum credit limit allowed according to their cash flow situation in the respective account, normal credit limit equals about € 3,000.
  • Bussines: it is the most suitable option for small businesses in expansion processes, where the requested money is normally used for working capital and bridge financing, the amounts range between € 2,000 and € 100,000.
  • Prime Loans: it was launched in 2017 and is considered the largest loan the group offers, with a maximum amount of € 20,000 and the ease of payment terms of up to 10 years.

Good Finance Micro Loan: A very easy option

Good Finance Micro Loan: A very easy option

Within its banking products and options, it offers the public the possibility of requesting a micro loan, it is called by the financial platform the easiest and fastest option to apply for loans, without any guarantee. Here are some brief features of the service:

  • The minimum amount to request this product is € 50 and the highest is € 700.
  • When requested for the first time, the amounts range between € 50 and € 300 , the second time being the slightly higher limit of about € 700.
  • The requested amounts that are less than € 500, have a maximum payment period of 30 days , to be refunded. While, the amounts over € 500, have a period of 45 days for return.
  • There are a variety of amounts that fit the needs of each of the users.

Credit and Good Finance loans

This financial page applies to its existing and new customers an evaluation using a behavior score card. The evaluation is based on a FICO analysis , studying public records bases, national credit records, statistical databases and public taxes (when these are available), all this in order for the financial entity to make a the task is little easier and faster when it comes to granting a loan to any of its clients.

The media behavior scoring system in recent years resulted in the approval of the loans requested was 14%.

Opinions about Good Finance

Since its inception the company has given much to talk about positively, it is the most popular financial platform in Europe and on other continents in the world.

Many users call that the procedures are transparent and safe, since the levels of security within the platform are quite media and rigorous. Thanks to this, the operations within the application and the website are quite fast and simple, users comment that they perform these operations from the comfort of their home, offices or family outlets through their smartphones and desktops or laptops.

One of the most common opinions on pages and forums is the ease of requesting loans and loans any day of the week 24 hours a day and you get answers to these procedures quickly effectively.

How to apply for a Good Finance micro loan?

The request can be made in two ways:

Via Good Finance on the mobile device, computer or tablet

  • Start the application: locate the main menu tab and select the amount and the deadline to return the requested money.
  • If you are a new customer you must enter personal information such as name, surname, DNI or NIE, mobile phone and email and then make the identification online.
  • In the case of existing customers, you must select the “personal area” and enter the data such as mobile phone and the PIN code of the company that provided you with the first loan.
  • Then click where it says request.

Requirements to apply for a Good Finance micro loan

Requirements to apply for a <a href=Good Finance micro loan” />

This company is the most advanced financial platform in terms of banking technology, the request for its products is made easily and simply, using electronic devices that you can have at home such as smartphones, tablets and computers, apart from that you need :

  • Be over 18 years old and in the case of Spain, reside in the country.
  • Have a mobile number where you will receive notifications and the PIN code.
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